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     Avalon Whispering

    Inner healing from the ancient way’s

    Phiona Hutton  MICHT IIHHT  AMANF

    Healer ~ Seer ~ Teacher ~ Author


    TEL: 01243 373 439

    e-mail:  avalonwhispering@btinternet.com

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Drum Healing


Hear the beat of the drum as it heals and restores your soul to the vibration of your physical being. Known by our ancestors for the energy it brings, drumming was a way used by the elders,  of bringing the energies needed through the shaman to heal, align, center and raise energy. Working with her beautiful unicorn drum Phiona holds the energy of the drum spirit and talks through each beat within it. Clearing the blockages that hold you back the magical deep rhythm of the drum will empower your healing and begin the transformations within your life that you seek. You will never have experienced a healing to its depths until you receive a drum healing and the energy it raises from the forgotten times of the earth based healer


"I had a wonderful healing session with Phiona, she used her drum to a stunning effect, her resonance is so powerful it literally transported me to the place I needed to be at that time, I am well versed in this technique and much travelled around the globe, but I must say that the healing I obtained from Phiona was both powerful, yet compassionate, the drumming was some of the best I have ever felt, would I recommend her? without doubt, as a Shaman myself, it was an honour to receive this beautiful energetic drum healing from the open and kindly soul of Phiona Hutton"

                   Steve Sheppard




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